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What’s the difference between event planning & co-ordination?

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What is the difference between event design (planning) & co-ordination?​

Design is exploring, planning & creating a wedding or event.
Very different to the execution of the event (on the day - and the crucial few days before) it is most often the selection of a location, a theme, an atmosphere or style & the story or flow, as it should unfold. This is often the section of a wedding that brides love to DIY & with experience in being part of other people's weddings & handy online resources & tools some find it easy & enjoyable to indulge in this part of wedding planning themselves.

Common difficulties found in the planning stages, that we are often "called upon" to add clarity are :

Too many decision makers.

Consulting with family is important - if you are a close one & you communicate well, this is usually an easy process. However, if relationships are stressed, and even the best of them tether under pressured times - we highly recommend hiring a planner!

At e&f, we are clear communicators and very often needed as gentle mediators in our role as wedding planners. It's more common than you think!


Whilst we are forever grateful for all the great tools available to pull together a wedding or event more easily than in the past!
Most brides who have actually done it themselves will nearly always tell you - they struggled to stick to one theme, struggled to visualise how it would look all together,
Struggled to make a big decision on time - therefore stressing & missing timeline dates!

A professional planner keeps you on track!

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Fear of suppliers not stepping up.

We've all heard the stories.
The venue double booked us! The photobooth didn't show up ... We have to stop there - it's just too much already! We have heard soooooo many hind sights it's just too much!

When you choose a good planner, ensure you feel confident in their recommendations, your planner shouldn't just recommended suppliers from a directory & you need evidence that they have worked together before.

We have a rule of thumb! We never recommend a supplier that we haven't worked with ourselves or someone who has proven reliable, quality & professional.

Another common reason we find brides looking for a planner, is that they have put their trust in their function manager - and they are no longer employed at the venue! Not going to be there on the day of your event, or are suddenly not replying or on the same page anymore!

I don't want to come across as a bossy cow!

Haha! This one made me laugh - as it came in the form of a strong pommy accent! And was being planned from interstate - gee we had fun, as she was as obsessed with detail as us ... and was sooooo worried about everyone being over her before the day ever rolled around! LOL!

The common theme is that you really just want to communicate your exact details to your suppliers & particularly you venue manager but are find it impossible to find someone outside family or your bridal party that is comforting you with the trust that they have the total "care factor" for EVERYTHING on the day!

I'm not a bride - I need a planner because it's a corporate event - we are not event planners we are business managers.
Design of a corporate, networking, fundraising, retreat or
other event that has a business attachment, commonly requires professional design & consultation & most commonly has a time & budget restraint,
involves more than one or two decision makers to execute or requires an "outside" perspective to reach seamless execution.

Co-ordination is different to planning.

It is all the things requiring a professional to manage detail, decision or disposition.

Co-ordination is the communication & management of all the people, services & products that are essential for the seamless & successful flow of an event or wedding day (& the important days leading up to it)

Co-ordination requires professional representation on the day of an event.

Seamless co-ordination protects the quality of the experience of all of the individuals
Who are in attendance at your event and brings peace of mind to the hosts or bride & groom.

Event & flavour have more than 15 years experience in event planning / co-ordinating & catering. Contact us for more [email protected]


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