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Wedding Planning Tips


Your wedding is going to bethe best one ever!

It's going to be true to your style.

A perfect reflection of your love story, and a milestone event as you venture into the journey of married life together.

But in today’s information and communication age - it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stick to a plan, and there are only so many images you can Pin and Repost before your wedding feels much like a colouring between the lines of someone else’s drawing.

So let's get you started.

If you are seeking full creative freedom to build your wedding and setting from the ground up, then there is no doubt that a pop up wedding is the perfect solution for you.

Create everything from concept to completion in a modern marquee on lush greenery, or a boho bridal vibe in a pop up tent amongst the gumtrees - marquee wedding spaces are your thing!



Not for the faint of heart - the investment in a wedding planner comes highly recommended for these events - and at Event + Flavour venues, we are already included in your property hire.

The additional costs involved in marquee weddings are far outweighed by that magical moment of impact, full creative freedom to create something truly yours -  and the ever-lasting memories of your wedding day with your nearest and dearest.


To some that just sounds like too much work.  And the head hurts already thinking about all decisions you'll have to make.

For you the rising trend is in ...

Blank Canvas Venues

Bridesmaid in car

Your idea of creative freedom is probably more about being able to "DIY" a few things here and there, but you quite like the idea of four reasonably blank walls, and you think an already existing roof overhead will make the journey towards your wedding a lot easier to manage.

You've possibly never really had your heart set on being in a tent on your wedding day anyway!

In some blank canvas sites, it's all about wedding fun that can span an entire weekend - so you're not always after a reception room or restaurant that just happens to cater for weddings.

In blank canvas spaces  - most often the exciting part is off setting some of your venue hire with the cost of guests accommodation and knowing that you will literally be surrounded by your guests the whole weekend!

An intimate wedding in a private hotel or a purpose built eco-retreat makes for an incredible wedding weekend extravaganza.


Check out our Mornington Peninsula BLANK CANVAS venues


Wedding trends in 2019

The rise of the everyday foodie has smashed through the glass ceiling of wedding traditions, and we couldn't be happier!

Guests and couples themselves are loving the idea of a personal connection with their chef, building sustainability into their event with 100% vegan catering and we all know self service bars aren't going away anytime soon!
Lolly bars! Cocktail bars! Now it's all about dessert S'mores bars + firepits!

And with that, we are seeing interactive experiences and innovative ways to enjoy food and drink.

Getting up close and personal with a chef, in an interactive display of culinary skill certainly gets more attention than the traditional lawn games in that pre-dinner canapes hour.

Contact our planning team today to make your wedding the best one ever!


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