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Pop Up Weddings on the Mornington Peninsula

Event & Flavour offer incredible blank space weddings across Melbourne, Victoria and the Peninsula, allowing the personality of each couple to shine through in every details. 

What is a pop up wedding?

Imagine not having to compromise on your dream wedding
without spending a fortune.

That is how we shape pop up or blank space weddings at Event and Flavour.

We work with you and your partner to create a beautiful, but temporary venue in locations most couples wouldn’t have even known exist, until now.

Creating a personalised wedding without spending the Australian average of $85,000 can be a daunting process.

However, our experience + hunt and gather for amazing locations & blank canvas spaces all over the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne allows us to work together and design a wedding that is uniquely you.

We specialise in marquee, tipi and glamping weddings set on private properties, we pop up in warehouse spaces, in lush gardens or the middle of woodlands or private properties.

All the amenities and entertainment guests would expect at a traditional wedding, are coordinated seamlessly - but presented on your unique palette, true to your style and flavour.

What to expect.

From food vendors able to cater to hundreds of guests from the back of a van to a fully catered sit down meal, complete with tables and chairs, the options are endless with a pop up wedding. And more than anything else, it's the location that impresses your guests and sets your special day apart from the rest. With a choice of unique venues hand picked for their beauty and their non-conformity you can expect to find a location that will take your breath away. And when organised with us, Great Aunt Susan won't have to navigate down a cliff face just to see you exchange vows.

We have extensive experience in providing fully catered pop up bars, dj equipment, toilets, generators and with the largest resources of style props available specialise in setting up a haven with just the right atmosphere required for the event. Whether you’re a boot wearing outdoorsy type, a barefoot bohemian or just want to figure out how to stop your heels sinking into sand or grass, we can help style your day and match the entire setting to your personality (and yes, we have had brides wear gumboots and they looked gorgeous).


Why get married on the Mornington Peninsula?

The Peninsula has always been a popular place for brides and grooms to tie the knot, but with access from Melbourne easier than ever, in recent years it's become a premier wedding destination.

With peaceful beach strolls, hilltop apartments, day spas, golf courses and plenty of other leisure activities we agree with these newly weds that the Mornington Peninsula should be the number one destination for your wedding.

Offering a range of traditional wedding venues, along with some of Australia's most beautiful and accessible secret hideaways, including private property hilltops and ideal glamping locations, the Peninsula is uniquely positioned to make the most of a pop up style wedding.

With leisure facilities so close to nature and some of Australia's most beautiful beaches there will be a location perfect for you.


Get in touch with us if you would like us to help you find that secret spot with you!

Dream Pop Up Venues At A Fraction Of Traditional Wedding Costs

Having partnered with 'popup' locations across Victoria, and exclusively with Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula locations we will find you that place you didn't know existed anywhere other than in the back of your mind.

Feel free to schedule a time to chat with one of our wedding and event experts here or browse some of our more popular blank space venues listed below.

When you decide to work with Event & Flavour you get more than a wedding planning team.

We help organise, keep your focus, help manage financial decisions and most importantly save you time.  We understand event logistics & work in a personable manner, keeping true to your own vision & ensuring the event can be executed to perfection.

Our mission is to take the stress out of event planning and instead make the lead up just as fun as the actual event!



‘La Serre’ at Colin Hyett