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Are you and your partner outdoorsy types? Would you rather have a fun, unique outdoor wedding than a stiff, formal indoor one?

Then having a glamping wedding may be ideal for you! Embark on what will be a very memorable wedding weekend, not just for you, but for your guests as well, by choosing to plan your wedding at one of our glamping wedding venues on Mornington Peninsula. Even if your guests aren’t terribly outdoorsy, they will love the luxurious yet rustic experience of glamping out for your wedding.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is an ever growing craze that developed over the last few years for those who want to be closer to nature without the hassle (or the ick) of rugged camping. It is, therefore, exactly what its name hints at: glamorous camping
Glamping takes a variety of forms, everything from a typical looking tent that happens to have a luxurious bed and furnishings inside, to yurts, igloos, teepees and even tree houses that are fully furnished with plumbing and electric!

Whatever form it takes, the goal is always the same – be able to be in nature without having to pitch the tent, start the fire and get your hands dirty. It’s also more comfortable than throwing down your sleeping bag and sleeping on the usually rocky or root-covered ground.

Glamping destinations have cropped up all over the world at this point, so whether people want a tropical experience, a mountain scape, or even an artic adventure, there are glamping destinations to suit every need.

But glamping isn’t only static – there are now glamping companies that can set up your glampsite wherever your heart desires. Australia is a growing favorite destination for glamping, and the Mornington Peninsula has been attracting more and more both mobile and permanent glamping sites.

Why Mornington Peninsula?

Located in Victoria, Australia, Mornington Peninsula boasts innumerable beautiful features, including gorgeous coastline offering both cliff top and beaches. It is also home to both state and national parks, as well as wineries, farms and country estates, and some of the quaintest towns you can find.

It is no wonder, then, that the area attracts glampers as well as sweethearts who are looking to tie the knot. So why not combine the two?

So what is a Glamping Wedding?

A glamping wedding is a fun combination of a weekend of glamping plus an outdoor wedding. For this, the couple calls a glamping service that sets up the glamp site, often with luxurious canvas tents filled with comforts such as soft beds, quaint furnishings and charming electric lighting.

The glampsites function as unique and unforgettable accommodations for you and your guests at the very location where you want to get married. It is like a destination wedding, but more rustic and close to nature, while still being comfortable and luxurious.

Another perk of a glamping wedding besides creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests is that you won’t have to worry about anyone being late to the wedding!

If you want to wake up the morning of your wedding in a luxurious but rustic tent and step out to see a cliff top view of the water, or the beautiful sunrise shining over a vineyard, and already be at your wedding location, a glamping wedding is the perfect option for you.

At Event & Flavour, we are excited to now be offering glamping wedding services! So, if you think this is just the thing for you and your partner, get in touch with our friendly team today to start planning your very own glamping wedding!

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