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Food Truck Weddings


It's the trend that seems still hasn't peaked ... and we just love what's being
done with it!

Georgeous Georgie & her beau Alex knew just what they were going to do with it.

The first step, follow food truck festivals around Melbourne like groupies - & feast every weekend whilst calling it "the menu tasting phase" of wedding planning.

We see what you did there guys.  Well played!


Following the decision on their food truck vendors, came the landing of a friend's property perfectly positioned to host a party - oh to have friend's in all the right places, right?

It was around about then that we came into contact with this gorgeous couple - Georgie aka thecleverbunch_is a florist, and close friend to Melissa & Jason - a couple who's wedding we were co-ordinating on the day.

Georgie and Alex quickly exchanged digits with us - neither afraid of the hard work ahead, both just in touch with the reality of knowing that you can't do it all on your own!

They knew they wanted to relax and enjoy their perfect day whilst knowing all the details were in good hands.

The couple made choice vendor decisions, commisioning the amazing Peninsula based Janis House photography to capture the perfect day - gold!

The Party Place pimped the stables for the ceremony - to ensure the rustic ceremony setting wasn't mistaken as anything short of the party that was ahead.

The couples laid back attitude towards life was captured perfectly in a short, sweet but incredibly sentimental ceremony, officiated by Justin De Morley - and documents witnessed and signed by their grandparents.    Aaaawwwwww!


Guests were never at risk of going hungry with a trip around the globe style line up.

Il Padrino (Pizza)

Nuoc Mama (Vietnamese) and

Poncho (Mexican)

The food truck camp served up the flavours, the quantity and the variety.

The barn was a blank canvas space - so a splash of style and hire from

One Big Day Event Hire & linen to complete by Di Simmons Linen Hire transformed the space to suit Georgie's palette perfectly.


If you'd like to find out more about this gorgeous wedding,

why the bride's Mumma looked so damn suprised at the dress reveal

or where you can host your own food truck wedding

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