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Well prepared food

Friday the 13th, whilst usually a focused on a spooky theme, was more than your fair share of class amongst commonfolk, businessfolk & friends alike.

Event & Flavour proudly assisted planning, styling, & all the pizazz of front of house, with the launch of their best friends catering brand "Finesse Catering Group".

Chef Roong & Brad showcased the "kick ass flavours & innovative culinary arts" they are so well known for amongst regular clientelle.
But enjoyed the scale of the event to "break out of the mould", held at popular venue Commonfolk 16 Progress Street Mornington.

The story of Ma-Hor (trans. rocking horse) was told over & over.
A dish dedicated to King V, Thailands most idolised leader. A secret recipe & perfect combination of candied chicken, pork, peanuts & palm sugar, served atop fresh sliced pineapple (pictured with scallops).

These delicious delights were passed around the room whilst Thai street food was presented in abundance at the head of the room. The flavours were equally matched by the presentation, with the most intricate food carvings & cakes by Lucy on display.

For those who called it quits after the chilli eating competition, the pulled pork sliders & beetroot falafel with honey labne were a welcomed transition from the elaborate Thai feasting station.

The event exceeded expectations of all who attended.

VENUE | Commonfolk
CATERING | Finesse Catering Group
FOH & PHOTOBOOTH | Event & Flavour
BEVERAGE | Phaedrus Estate

Tasty food
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  1. Debbie E on November 14, 2017 at 9:54 am

    My name is Debbie and I have planned to have my wedding at Tanglewood estate in May 2019. I have been recommended by the estate and was wondering what services you can provide and if there are packages available? I am also interested in catering options also. Would you happen to provide any packages including both options?

    Kind Regards,
    Debbie E

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