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Coolest wedding trends of 2019

  Hello Lovers. We want to talk trends.  Awesome 2019 trends. And of all the trends that we’ve seen come + go, we want this one to stick around for a while! So you’ve seen activities that have smashed Bucks night traditions for a six. Party buses no more … it’s all about luxury boats…

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Great grapes + grains at Hickinbotham Vinehop

November 18th + 19th marked the launch of the first event of it’s kind, The Peninsula VineHop .. the first beer, wine + cider festival to grace us in all it’s glory. Literally a brewery, winery + cidery tour on steroids! Festival goers grabbed a ticket for just $34, jumped on a bus and soaked…

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Oaks Day. A stunning waterfront event!

More than 100 guests joined Event + Flavour at the iconic Mornington Yacht Club in a day that captured all there is to love about the fashion, glamour and the flavour of Spring Carnival. It wasn’t just the brilliant weather that had everyone basking in the sunshine on the open air deck, but the delicious…

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Tasty food

CATERING WITH FINESSE May 15, 2016 Share this. Friday the 13th, whilst usually a focused on a spooky theme, was more than your fair share of class amongst commonfolk, businessfolk & friends alike. Event & Flavour proudly assisted planning, styling, & all the pizazz of front of house, with the launch of their best friends…

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