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5 Easy Ways To Become The Office Hero When Planning
The 2017 Christmas Party

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1. Get more bang for your buck!

We've been on the hunt and gather for venues that offer packaged food & beverage deals, as you bring a group or better still, a sell out crowd that will book out their entire space!

And remember: private hire doesn’t necessarily mean you have to bring big numbers,

we’ve got spaces from 8 – 180.

2. Choose a space that is inspiring!

The big boss will love you forever if you can tie the companies vision and mission statement into the event, it’s a great way to get some more dollars thrown in for ummmmm … let’s say staff training & team building … let us hear a holla for your pay rise now!
We’ve got art galleries and cooking classes, sailing clubs and water activities or that magical lost in the wilderness or country meets the coast winery vibe.


3. Make it an entire week or weekend escape!

Some people shudder at the mere thought of spending more than the 8 hour working day together, let alone the entire weekend … and then there’s THAT team!
- The team that play together - stay together! -
If you all love to socialise together, feast together, relax and unwind together – let’s plan the most memorable Mornington Peninsula trip of your career.

Sip cocktails and watch the sunset on the week from your exclusive hotel or property, wake up to breakfast yoga, onsite massages or hit the wave with the SUP’s.
Throw an unforgettable party in an exclusive setting – stunning views or inground pool?
And then revive and recover on Sunday with a late check out!

If you think your team like a little more adventure or you need to make this truly unique to become the office hero … we’ve got a pop up glamping hotel – coupled with a swag of luxury experiences like meet the winemakers, horseback beach tours, kayaking or dolphin spotting, private spa and treatments or public bathing at The Peninsula Hot Springs.
Let’s create the most memorable end of year celebration ever! Do you prefer water views, poolside BBQ’s or that country hideaway vibe?

4. Add unique entertainment!

All the glamour and luxury aside – even the most functional of function spaces can be the mecca of memories and can come to life when guests are laughing, smiling and interacting. Add some traditional fun - with twist and talent our corporate balloon twisters or our roving Charactueristic are one for the big kids - or that toe tappin’, thigh slappin’ band that your colleagues will still be raving about next year!

5. Classic, classy and little bad assy!

The end of year function has it’s certain classic elements – everyone’s sprouting the classic “relaxed” vibe and it goes without saying that you’ve got to keep it classy!
But if you’ve always got to go just a little ‘bad assy’!
Hire a photo booth, it’ll provide guests with a forever keepsake – and keep them laughing, socializing and on their feet all night long! Guaranteed to be a hit with everyone - from the young selfie station generation to the golden oldies who love a feather boa and goggle eye glasses!

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